Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The FHFA OIG, press releases

The FHFA OIG is established by law to provide independent and objective reporting to the FHFA Director, Congress, and the American people through its audit and investigative activities.

FHFA OIG’s mission is to promote the economy, efficiency, and effectiveness of FHFA’s programs; to prevent and detect fraud, waste, and abuse in FHFA’s programs; and to seek sanctions and prosecutions against those who are responsible for such fraud, waste, and abuse.
LIST OF GUILTY? List goes on and on!! Still growing!!
Not one Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac in the bunch!


Press Release: Edward Dacy Found Guilty - 04/01/2015
Press Release: Sentencing of Edgar Tibakweitira - 03/31/2015
Press Release: Indictment of Joseph Pasquale - 03/27/2015
Press Release: Sentencing of Anthony Minor - 03/18/2015
Press Release: Sentencing of Agustin Simon - 03/02/2015
Press Release: Sentencing of Asm Afsary - 02/26/2015
Press Release: Plea of Enrique Hernandez - 02/24/2015
Press Release: Indictment of Alberic Agodio - 02/20/2015
Press Release: Conviction of Carmen Johnson - 02/20/2015
Press Release: Sentencing of Michael Wallis - 02/19/2015
Press Release: Sentencing of Ronald Hutchison, Jr. - 02/09/2015
Press Release: Sentencing of Grant McCollough and Marisa McCollough - 02/09/2015
Press Release: Plea of Joseph Brogan - 01/30/2015
Press Release: Plea of Jose Antonio Caballero - 01/28/2015
Press Release: Sentencing of Annika Boas - 01/07/2015

Press Relese: Plea of Rashmi Airan-Pace - 12/17/2014
Press Release: Sentencing of Andrew Constantinou - 12/16/2014
Press Release: Sentencing of Abdallah Suleiman Kitwara - 12/02/2014
Press Release: Conviction of Stavroula Mendez, Lazaro Mendez, and Marie Mendez - 11/21/2014
Press Release: Laura Wertheimer sworn in as Inspector General of FHFA - 10/28/2014

Press Release: Indictment of Guillermo Rincon and Enrique Hernandez - 10/17/2014
Press Release: Conviction of Annika Boas - 09/23/2014
Press Release: Indictment of Fred Davis Clark, Jr., and Cristal R. Clark - 09/16/2014
Press Release: Conviction of Anthony Minor - 09/11/2014
Press Release: Bank of America to Pay $16.65 Billion in Historic Settlement for Financial Fraud - 08/21/2014
Press Release: Sentencing of Soo Kyung Hong (aka Maria Hong) - 08/21/2014
Press Release: Plea of Brandon Bolger - 08/20/2014
Press Release: Sentencing of Daniela Spiridon - 08/19/2014
Press Release: Plea of Luis Michael Mendez and Wilkie Perez - 08/15/2014
Press Release: Plea of Mohammad Fouzi Haffar - 08/08/2014
Press Release: Over $1 Billion in Penalties Imposed on Bank of America, Countrywide, and Rebecca Mairone for Engaging in Mortgage Fraud - 07/30/2014
Press Release: Indictment of Edward Dacy and A. Conrad Austin - 07/22/2014
Press Release: $7 Billion Global Settlement wtih Citigroup - 07/14/2014
Press Release: Plea of Sathish Kumar Chandhun Rajendran - 07/11/2014
Press Release: $320 Million Agreement with SunTrust Bank - 07/03/2014
Press Release: Indictment of Alex Barrett, Barthelemy Adjavehoude, Michelle Baker, James Bayfield, Samuel Terrell Bell, and Dirk Hall - 06/25/2014
Press Release: Sentencing of Donna Cobb - 05/29/2014
Press Release: Indictment of Warren Barr III, Robert Lattas, Jeffrey Budzik, Asif Aslam, Leonardo Sanders, and James Carroll - 05/19/2014
Press Release: Plea of Leidy Masvidal, Alfredo Chacon, Francisco Martos, Dorian Magarino, Tania Masvidal, and Douglas Ponce - 05/15/2014
Press Release: Plea of Laura Ortuondo - 05/01/2014


Press Release: Conviction of Andrew Constantinou and Jacques Kelly - 04/21/2014
Press Release: Indictment of Bijan Madjlessi, David Lonich, Sean Cutting, and Brian Melland - 04/10/2014
Press Release: Indictment of Luis Mendez, Stavroula Mendez, Luis Michael Mendez, Lazaro Mendez, Marie Mendez, Wilkie Perez, and Enrique Angulo - 03/31/2014
Press Release: Indictment of Robert Poynter - 03/21/2014
Press Release: Plea of Lacie Devine - 02/26/2014
Press Release: Plea of Mokorya Wambura - 02/12/2014
Press Release: Charges Brought Against Anthony Minor, Tilisha Morrison, Katrina Thomas, Kario Butler, Karen Mendoza, Cyrus Pritchett, and Jamilah Karriem - 02/07/2014
Press Release: Sentencing of Michael Burnham - 02/06/2014
Press Release: Sentencing of James Lankford - 01/27/2014
Press Release: Indictment of Minerva Sanchez - 01/23/2014
Press Release: Conviction of Alfonso Carillo - 01/16/2014
Press Release: Sentencing of Teresa Rose - 01/03/2014

Press Release: Plea of Michael Wallis - 12/23/2013
Press Release: Sentencing of Steven Pelz - 12/16/2013
Press Release: $13 Billion Global Settlement with JPMorgan - 11/19/2013
Press Release: Indictment of Wendy Thomas, Cristina Nicole Smith, Kurt Smith, Sheila Gaston, Sheila Giberti, Duane Thomas, Christopher Consol, Janice Gardner, and Joseph Slowey - 11/18/2013
Press Release: Plea of James Lankford - 10/21/2013
Press Release: Sentencing of Patrick Mansell - 10/17/2013
Press Release: Sentencing of Quelyory Rigal - 10/17/2013
Press Release: Charges Brought Against Karl Robinson, Michael Bachmeier, Thomas Powell, Yamen Elasadi, and Jahi Kokayi - 10/01/2013

Press Release: Sentencing of Mary Armstrong and William Fountain - 09/30/2013
Press Release: Plea of Daniela Spiridon - 09/26/2013
Press Release: Sentencing of Kwame Nkrumah and Charmaine Davis - 09/13/2013
Press Release: Sentencing of Larry Bradshaw - 09/12/2013
Press Release: Plea of Christopher Ginyard, Henry Pearson, Jr., Janice Young, and Henry Pearson, Sr. - 09/03/2013
Press Release: Sentencing of Joel Tillett - 08/14/2013
Press Release: Indictment of Donald Totten - 08/08/2013
Press Release: Plea of Patrick Mansell - 08/06/2013
Press Release: Sentencing of Jay Dunlap - 07/31/2013
Press Release: Arrest of Donald Totten - 07/25/2013
Press Release: Plea of Tammy Roaderick - 07/19/2013
Press Release: Charges Brought Against Patrick Mansell - 07/11/2013
Press Release: Plea of Jewel Hinkles - 07/08/2013
Press Release: Sentencing of Scott Powers and David McMaster - 06/28/2013
Press Release: Plea of Jesse Wheeler and Brent Medearis - 06/24/2013
Press Release: Indictment of Lacie Devine - 06/14/2013
Press Release: Plea of Charmaine Davis - 06/14/2013
Press Release: Indictment of Edgar Tibakweitira, Gaudious Tibakweitira, Flavia Makundi, Carmen Johnson, Mokorya Wambura, Cane Mwihava, and Annika Boas - 06/13/2013
Press Release: Charges Brought Against Cynthia Hosbrook and Robert Hosbrook - 06/12/2013
Press Release: Indictment of Steven Bartlett, Robert Lattas, Nicholas Burge and Anthony Campanale - 06/04/2013

Press Release: Plea of Kwame Nkrumah - 05/14/2013
Press Release: Indictment of Manjur Alam, Janice Young, Bruce Dykes, Christopher Ginyard, Henry Pearson Sr., Henry Pearson Jr., and Steven Pelz - 05/02/2013
Press Release: Indictment of Joel Tillett, Jason Boggs, Claribel Gonzalez, Florentina Peralta, Ghovanna Gonzalez, and Angela Diaz - 05/01/2013
Press Release: Sentencing of Mitchell Cohen - 04/26/2013
Press Release: Conviction of Quelyory A. Rigal - 04/25/2013
Press Release: Sentencing of David Christian - 04/19/2013
Press Release: Indictments and arrest of Lawrence Day, Donna Cobb, Bryan Scott, Michael Edwards, Scott Sherman, and Donald Mattox - 04/17/2013
Press Release: Sentencing of Jerrick Hawkins - 04/04/2013
Press Release: Sentencing of Kenneth Koehler - 04/03/2013
Press Release: Indictment of Armando Granillo - 03/26/2013
Press Release: Indictment of Daniela Spiridon - 03/22/2013
Press Release: Indictment of Larry Bradshaw - 03/14/2013
Press Release: Sentencing of Brandon Young - 03/08/2013
Press Release: Sentencing of Dean Counce - 02/20/2013
Press Release: Indictment of Andrew Constantinou, Genevieve Salvatore, and Lawrence Dressler - 02/15/2013
Press Release: Charges Brought Against Jose Salguero, Paul Chemidlin, Delio Coutinho, Joseph DiValli, Christopher Ju, Carmine Fusco, Jose Martins, Yazmin Soto and Kenneth Sweetman - 01/24/2013
Press Release: Indictment of Joshua S. Goldberg - 01/22/2013
Press Release: Sentencing of Harriet Taylor - 01/17/2013
Press Release: Charges Brought Against Samer Salami - 01/16/2013
Press Release: Sentencing of Dennis Edwards - 01/15/2013

Press Release: Sentencing of Dennis Edwards - 01/15/2013
Press Release: Arrests of Aref Abaji, Aliso Viejo, Maher Obagi, Jacqueline Burchell, Mohamed Salah, and Mohamed El Tahir - 01/10/2013
Press Release: Plea of Jerrick Hawkins - 01/09/2013
Press Release: Sentencing of Juan Carlos Sanchez - 01/04/2013

Press Release: Plea of Lauretta Horton and David Kaufman - 11/30/2012
A.G. Schneiderman Sues Credit Suisse - 11/20/2012
Press Release: Indictment of Jerrick Hawkins - 11/16/2012
Press Release: Sentencing of Bradford Rieger - 11/16/2012
Press Release: Plea of Larry Reisman - 11/08/2012
Press Release: Sentencing of Raymond Morris - 11/05/2012
Manhattan U.S. Attorney Sues Bank of America - 10/24/2012
Press Release: Plea of Juan Carlos Sanchez - 10/18/2012
Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force Reveal Results of Distressed Homeowner Initiative - 10/09/2012
A.G. Schneiderman Sues J.P. Morgan - 10/02/2012
Press Release: Plea of Kenneth Koehler - 09/14/2012
Press Release: Indictment of 11 individuals linked to 21st Century Real Estate Investment Corp. - 09/12/2012
Press Release: Plea of Harriet M. Taylor - 09/12/2012
Press Release: Indictment of Mitchell Cohen and Erin Davis - 07/17/2012
Press Release: Plea of Bradford Rieger - 07/12/2012
Press Release: Arrest of Mary Armstrong - 07/12/2012

Press Release: Plea of Jeffrey Weisman - 07/11/2012
Press Release: Plea of David Christian - 06/29/2012
Press Release: Sentencing of Delton de Armas - 06/15/2012
Press Release: Indictment of Abacus Federal Savings Bank and 11 Employees - 05/31/2012
Press Release: Indictment of Juan Carlos Sanchez, Quelyory Rigal, Sandra Campo, Osbelia Lazardi, Dayanara Montero, Celeste Mota, and David Arboleda - 05/31/2012
Press Release: Plea of Catherine Kissick - 03/02/2012

Press Release: Arrest of Marshall E. Home - 07/01/2011
Press Release: Sentencing of Lee Farkas - 06/30/2011
Press Release: Sentencing of Paul Allen and Sean Ragland - 06/21/2011
Press Release: Sentencing of Catherine Kissick and Teresa Kelly - 06/17/2011
Press Release: Sentencing of Desiree Brown and Raymond Bowman - 06/10/2011
Press Release: Conviction of Lee Bentley Farkas - 04/19/2011
Press Release: Plea of Paul Allen - 04/01/2011
Press Release: Plea of Sean Ragland - 03/31/2011
Press Release: Plea of Teresa Kelly - 03/16/2011
Press Release: Plea of Raymond Bowman - 03/14/2011
Plea of Desiree Brown - 02/24/2011

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