Tuesday, January 5, 2016

After 7 Years of FHFA running Fannie Mae, Can Fannie Mae still be bad? seems impossible.

How can FHFA and POTUS still think Fannie is bad? 
Who is responsible for over 7 years for Fannie mae! They are!
They have run the companies, and for a downfall by banks that lasted 1.5 years, in 7 years they still blame fannie mae? They fired everyone, They put their people in charge. They Take all the profits. There are ZERO losses. How can Fannie be bad, if that is the case, FHFA is bad too. We know they dont think that. 
The public losses they talk about, never happened.
THe stockholders getting rich, certainly is not happening. So if Fannie is bad after 7 years, Then FHFA and the government is bad managers.
If a mcdonalds was taken over and new managers were put in, 7 years later they could not blame the old staff! They could only blame themselves. and for what would they blame, Making the biggest profit out of all bailouts? 
Blame for all profits? And its not a viable business, CLOSE that profitable mcdonalds! give it to burger king. 
But burgerking(banks) caused the mess. EHH... we dont care! Our pockets are fat now, we are your politicians!. anyway its a joke to pretend a profitable corporation is useless and BAD somehow. Fannie has never lost a lawsuit to the bank, but banks lost over 20 to fannie! Who's the bad guys? Banks.

I think its clear what im saying, The government (politicians) are blaming fannie mae for profits that have funded the government, and for profits that Fannie would of made with or without FHFA. 
The most important thing is how can a company be bad that YOU the government have FULL control over for over 7 years? How can their current profits be bad? FHFA determined the profit level by setting Gfee.
How is Fannie bad when the government fired EVERYONE in charge and put its own people in 7 years ago.
How can Fannie be bad when IT IS THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN! Banks all ran for the hills 7 years ago. 
The government could not force a bank to lend in a downturn! they would not, it would push their balance sheets more negative and certainly push them over the bankruptcy edge. So they would not lend! 
Fannie kept lending, as a matter of fact they increased lending before and after the TAKEOVER! 
The banks ran from mortgages before 2008 and would never lend in that environment!
So again How is fannie bad if the government controlling it is not bad too?
Todays fannie is not 2008 fannie. Not even close, they have a regulator FHFA and HERA that govern them now. FOR LAST 7 YEARS! 
So explain how todays Fannie mae is bad?

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