Monday, October 19, 2015

Fannie mae is being TAKEN by the federal government, Not JPM or other big banks! JPM took $25 Billion in bailouts!

JPMorgan Chase & Co. is an American multinational banking and financial services holding company headquartered in New York City. It is the largest bank in the United States, and the world's fifth largest bank by total assets, with total assets of US$2.6 trillion

Jp morgan chase is held aloft by $232 billion and then taxpayers are on the hook!

Operating income
Increase US$ 29.79 billion (2014)[3]
Net income
Increase US$ 21.76 billion (2014)[3]
Total assets Increase US$ 2.6 trillion (2014)[3]
Total equity Increase US$ 232.0 billion (2014)[3]

$2.6 Trillion in assets held up from taxpayer losses by $232 Billion in cash!
Roughly 10%

230.06B Market cap!

The key to JPM is they have $1.3 Trillion dollars in deposits! These deposits are not JPM money. The reson JPM is not disrespected in the Media is there could be a run on the bank! This would destroy JPM!

The Treasury Department has invested about $200 billion in hundreds of banks through its Capital Purchase Program in an effort to prop up capital and support new lending. Here's a list of the banks that got bailed out.

10/28/2008 Wells Fargo & Co. San Francisco Calif. $25,000,000,000
10/28/2008 State Street Corp. Boston Mass. $2,000,000,000
10/28/2008 Bank of America Corp.1 Charlotte N.C. $15,000,000,000
10/28/2008 JPMorgan Chase & Co. New York N.Y. $25,000,000,000
10/28/2008 Citigroup Inc. New York N.Y. $25,000,000,000
10/28/2008 Morgan Stanley New York N.Y. $10,000,000,000
10/28/2008 Goldman Sachs Group Inc. New York N.Y. $10,000,000,000
10/28/2008 Bank of New York Mellon Corp. New York N.Y. $3,000,000,000

Most found guilty of FRAUD against Fannie Mae!
NONE are in conservatorship
NONE are a taxpayer risk? what?

Goldman Sachs $10 billion in bailouts, Good job hank Paulson! Former CEO of GS by just a year! Great fleece job on America.
No taxpayer risk on any of these banks anymore! what?

All are being backstopped by an implicit GOVERNMENT backing!

The thing that makes me mad is the LIE that Treasury $250 billion in backing is keeping Fannie mae and Freddie mac in business. Profits keep you in business. Its clear Fannie and Freddie make profits of $8 billion a quarter! or $24 billion a year!
It is clear there is a Soviet grab for power and money by the US government on Fannie Mae and Freddie with no regard to the US constitution.
So what is the Treasury talking matter, they are the TAKERS. Of course it is ok.
So what does the President talk matter, Hes the beneficiary of the TAKING by debt ceiling reducing from Taken profits.
So let the courts decide. Every time the WSJ hacks, in Feds pocket, write an article of how fannie is garbage, just remember FHFA runs fannie and in 7 years the WSJ thinks our government is crap. Not the company, our government. Dont personalize it. Scum is scum, always will exist. If the same government that cant make a profit at the post office has its way fannie will be selling stamps soon, and housing will be free for all for the banks. And their Implicit backing of the banks. Just like in 2008!