Thursday, April 30, 2015

$157b needed vs year ago $190b needed, HMMM. Each year they need $22b less, or 15% less.

$157b needed vs year ago $190b needed, HMMM. Each year they need $22b less, or 15% less.

If the U.S. unemployment rate were to reach 10 percent in 2016 and the economy were to contract by 4.5 percent, the companies would need $68.6 billion to $157.3 billion, depending on how tax assets are treated in the accounting, the tests found. A similar test performed a year ago projected they would need as much as $190 billion in a severe downturn.

15% less needed from 2014 to 2015!
So in 2 years or less they would only need $157-$66! This may be accelerating also!
$90b would be easy to do if the Treasury would return the extra money it TOOK, ABOUT $60b!

By 2 years from now Treasury will have TOOK about be $90b! Seems like enough.

Don't forget FANNIE AND FREDDIE still have about $90b DTA left right now!

Treasury MEMO: Jan 4,2011 Indicates the sweep would recoup the LOSS reserve of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (GSE)

JAN 4, 2011
One year before the SWEEP was put in place:

The Treasury was fully aware of the LOSS reserves and its value in 2011!! Well before the 2012 sweep was implemented! This would prove the Treasury Implemented the sweep to take the LOSS reserves from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, as time has proven, this is exactly what happened! Treasury has taken $240 billion in CASH for a Fake loan that covered loss reserves(NOT CASH) but accounting, it would appear! 

I wonder if this was not leaked on purpose by the Treasury as it "may not" be used in court because of the LEAK of the document? Hmm..... makes you wonder.

Monday, April 27, 2015


Fannie Mae vs the US Treasury:

Fannie is 100% shareholder owned
Fannie is 0% taxpayer owned, and 0% US Treasury owned.
Fannie and Freddie booked losses of $186 billion, under FHFA leadership.
Fannie and Freddie repaid the booked losses to Treasury of $240 billion.
The booked losses were not REAL losses, only accounting losses.
This allowed for the reverse of the losses in 2013-2014!
If the money borrowed was not REAL, and the LOSSES were not REAL, Would it not seem the money paid back on those LOSSES were not real!

To simplify, YOU borrow ME $188 dollars, I put that in my pocket and book a loss of $188 dollars, never counting the $188 you gave me, Later I Pay you back YOUR $188 dollars from my pocket where I put it!
Also during this time YOU sue the Banks for the LOSS money on my behalf, You win every one of them, I transfer all the WON money to YOU as was agreed on since YOU took the losses, NOT ME.
Now here we are and I gave you your money back, I gave you the lawsuit money, and the reality comes to show you I never needed your $188! It really is that simple.

Fannie and Freddie were never lacking funds and were never near insolvent, Just as I show YOU above!

The Treasury cannot simply remove the 3rd amendment sweep and go back to collecting 10% on the $188!
First, Fannie would be due 10% interest over the last 2 years since the sweep, just as the Treasury was due 10% before the sweep, equal accounting. This would eliminate the 10% dividend over the last 2 years, leaving the $188 billion at equal value from the adoption of the sweep.
Returning the $240 would be not enough, Just as the $188 would still collect interest so would the $240 to Fannie and Freddie! If the 3rd amendment were removed the $240 plus interest would have to be returned to fannie and freddie! The question is would Fannie and Freddie have to keep paying the $18 billion a year to Treasury under the SPSA? does it matter? The two twins would have $240 billion plus interest owed to them! This would amount to just short of $300 billion, The GSE's could simply invest the $300 billion at 6% interest and pay the interest due to the treasury every year FOREVER!

What would this do to the stock price of Fannie Mae? Of the $300 billion Fannie would get about $200 billion of it, Fannie SPSA has $117 billion it would have to pay $11.7 billion to treasury on each year, But it would have $200 billion in cash which would transfer to its market cap! There are 1.2 billion shares outstanding. This equates to $166 a share in cash value.

Its only through the conservatorship that Fannie and Freddie are being held back from being the greatest american corporations on the planet!

The TRUTH is right in front of our eyes, and all we do is listen to the lie!
Time has come to look with our eyes wide open at the truth, and quit being deceived by the lie they are telling us!