Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Residential mortgage losses 2006-2012, 2013 obviously Fannie had zero losses as they PAID HUGE to Treasury

2008 Fannie Mae and Freddie mac losses (true loss) NOT FHFA $188 billion LIE.
F&F lost only $10 billion in 2008, yet FHFA forced F&F to write down $100 billion in losses in 2008!
10 times the TRUE amount, the same 10 times that F&F would have to pay 10% payment on.
So FHFA decided for F&F that instead of $1 billion a year in payments on $10 b, F&F would pay $10 billion a year on $100 b! HOW in the world is this possible in America? This all in just last 3 months of 2008! Forget about 2009, thats the same tactic again! False accounting anyone?

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