Wednesday, August 5, 2015

FMCC Freddie Mac by the numbers Q2 earnings 2015 #Fanniegate FHFA $41 Fair market value!

Freddie mac Q2 2015
$4.2 Billion in profits
644 million shares outstanding
PE for S&P minimum 8
EPS $1.29  including 3.2 billion warrants. Otherwise $6.45 EPS x 4 x PE8 = $206.40 a share!

$1.29 * 4 Quarters = $5.16 EPS a year
PE 8 * $5.16 = $41.28 Fair market value of Freddie Mac shares!
Treasury is TAKING 100% now! But at most they deserve 80% according to PSPA with FHFA!
Fair market value of shares with Government taking the money they LOANED back TWICE would be $8.25.

So even in today's market FMCC should be fetching $8.25 but because of government TAKING 100% profits, FMCC trades at $2.26 Risk is in shares of being worth $0 if the USA government has its way!

Does law matter in the USA anymore? Does FMCC deserve treatment worse than the Big banks? The same Big banks that were sued for fraud and lost to the FHFA? Has Fannie or Freddie been sued by the FHFA? NO! Why not? Because Fannie and Freddie are victims of Big banks Fraudulent actions! The money the FHFA has won from these banks is directly paid to Fannie and Freddie. Why? Because Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were victims of BANKS! I cant say it enough! Is it clear yet?

Lawlessness is the precedent that is being established for all who are conservators!!
TAKE as you want, Constitution be damned!

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