Thursday, June 11, 2015

US Treasury OWNER of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, by powers granted to FHFA.

Owner=100% of profits and 100% of losses.
egal define:
Owner=The person recognized by the law as having the ultimate control over, and right to use, property as long as the law permits and no agreement or Covenant limits his or her rights.

Since government is not following HERA as it should, it seems that the US Treasury is the OWNER along with the power of the FHFA, Treasury OWNS the two using FHFA power of control and right to use.
IF this is true, which it is, then there is a TAKING since the FHFA and Treasury are the OWNERS by definition.
How much did they pay for this ownership? NOTHING, they received the companies for Free and the kicker is they were paid over $70 billion dollars to TAKE them.
Sec, DOJ, FHFA, Treasury, Congress, and President see nothing wrong with this.
That is two out of three branches of OUR government that think Taking property is OK with them! If the Judicial branch sees this the same way, Freedom and Constitution are GONE. Apple, Exxon, GE, HP, Banks, big pharma should all worry they are next for takeover. According to Lamberth ANY regulated entity has no rights as they knew the Government could TAKE their property if they wanted.
All the above Corps are Regulated one way or the other. Court Resident for government in future cases when they take GOOGLE they will use Lamberth ruling to Justify the next Taking of American corporations for THEIR use. Not for Taxpayers.
Communism has come home to roost in America, Putin must be so happy.

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