Monday, January 12, 2015

republicans and dems, spouting same message

Jan 8
Additionally, the White House said in an earlier press release that Obama supports more private capital in the mortgage system and an “end [to] the failed Fannie /Freddie duopoly business model.” 

Ed Royce: house republican
Jan 12
“As a longtime advocate of eliminating the failed duopoly that is Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, I look forward to completing the unfinished work of financial reform and passing legislation that returns long-term stability to the housing market.

Now is that not interesting. Both are direct quotes.
So are they going to close Fannie and Freddie OR try to remove the Duopoly status?

Watt says:
CSP shall
Allow the option for the integration of additional market participants in a future system.
Eliminating the duopoly!

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  1. I don't know that Washington insiders are that coordinated that they have an agenda to release FRANIE, revealing the details bit by bit, and injecting some form of competition "Johnnie Mu(?)" and
    "Timmie Hae(?)". But maybe they are.

    Perhaps that is the black swan for longs.

    Based on the Ackman slides, it seems impossible to attract private capital into new capital structures with the 3rd amendment in place and the current g-fee level....and I don't know that Washington wants to raise the g-fee....isn't that politically very very difficult to do? So are we not looking at a third (and maybe fourth) market participant that is created by the gov't...interesting indeed.

    Thanks for a great blog!



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