Thursday, January 8, 2015

President Obama on housing

He said, he does not want fannie and freddie. 
He wants the 1.5 million people banks robbed to get the 50 billion dollars the treasury took from fannie and freddie. $33,333 dollars to each one of them! wait for your check in the mail.
He says wall st. injured the poor stupid buyers that had no idea what they signed. 
He says even though not one loan was ever written by fannie mae to a buyer, Fannie is the problem? bizzarro
I think with the court being obviously manipulated in favor of the govt, that even though we may be constitutionally right, NO ONE cares what that paper says. 
I actually cant believe that our government and president will tell lies to all of us, and NOT ONE news source will call him out on it. 
$33,333 to each home owner who was wronged by wall street! Not news? 
communist would love the freedoms we have that we choose not to use. 
$33,333 Ill wait for my check in the mail, im sure the others will too. Right?

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