Friday, January 30, 2015

Off Topic: Russia future in 6 months

The above represents a 70% decrease in the value of the Ruble compared to the dollar by 6/1/15


The above chart represents the decline in Russia $US dollar reserves by 2017, Note by 2016 they will have less the 150 billion in reserves left. They will have Zero in reserve by Jan 2017, at current sanction rates.

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  1. Not entirely of topic. Russia is a country where "the end justifies the means"...a line the US gov't is arguing in expropriating e.g. common shareholders of FnF. Your graphs are in a sense what happens at the extreme when capital/rule of law is not respected. Something that is aluded to in the Krimminger Calabria white paper.

    Another pointless fact is that US gov't warrants in FnF are worth $300-400bn...roughly the same as Russia's reserves. I bet president Putin would suffer indigestion if he found out that the US gov't can create $300-400bn of value for itself by the stroke of a pen, when he has no such options.

    I look forward to getting my Fannie back, and to when when the people of Russia are given their country back.

    Diclosure: long FNMA FMCC



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