Thursday, January 8, 2015

Obama lies about settlements


Obama lies about settlements! Listen what he says about the settlements GSEs!! won and should be paid.
He said: “that is why we worked with states to force big banks to repay more than 50 billion dolars to more than 1,5 milion borrowers who have been treated wrongly and that was the largest lending settlement in history.
1. the big banks treated badly…
2. they treated badly borrowers… ehmm how were the borrowers badly treated? That they got mortgages for houses they couldnt afford? Isnt that a fault of the borrowers?
3. big banks repaid 50bln to 1,5 mln. borrowers… oh realy? They got check?Didnt the money end up in TREASURY to do with it whatever they want?Really Obama?!!
and on top of that he says in next sentence the GSEs were the bad and called for their wind down. Not a word mentioning that the GSEs were treated wrongly by banks…
How the f. you are winding down the GSEs and not the big banks, which you recognize is the one who f.up the system. How did he not smash them down into ground after saying this?!!!?!!!Oh I forgot, they are the big banks…
another sentence :”not allowing making bad bets on taxpayer backed money and than getting bailed out afterwards.. Isnt that EXACTLY what the banks has been doing!! How did GSEs made bad bets on loans that banks sold them as AAA instead of DDD?
This guy knows nothing or he pretends that he doesnt, which is far more worse..
President of The USA, the most developed democratic country in the world lies…? Or should we say… The United states of Big Banks ?…

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