Saturday, December 13, 2014

US treasury is doing it Putin style

Treasury is like Putin! Tells us one thing does another. Do you believe Putin too? Treasury is main beneficiary of Fannie and Freddys money, as a matter of fact the only beneficiary. What would you want them to say? The US treasury does not need to take fannies money, the US treasury prints money. Why do you think they need to take anyones money? Money is not a real thing, its paper that is given value by governments. Every extra dime Treasury gets back from F&F is one dime more than was ever needed printed. The Us treasury can print all the money fannie gives them plus 4 times that. It does not matter. Since the treasury controls the money that is printed in the US dollar, every dollar they get back is just 1 dollar more than they should have printed. It really is not even money fannie is giving to treasury, As treasury IS the printer and can print more or less at anytime. Think of the life of a dollar and you will see it is a holding pattern for Fake accounting. If fannie were giving money to you or I, then the money still has life. But to give the money to the printer really means nothing accept for extinguishing the life of that money. It really is circular. Anyway Putin lies and so does the US treasury. If i recall the new HUD guy just a month ago was saying to wind down fannie too, but just embraced affordable housing by watt. The two dont match up, One cannot wind down fannie and keep affordable housing. No private corporation will ever place their profits into affordable hosuing except fannie. No company would begin its life being under the FHFA’s thumb like fannie and freddie are. No private capital would show up for those terms. As everyone can see, this is true. No private capital has or will show up for the terms of FHFA and congress of lose everything or be taken over by the govt!! This is Fact and if you dispute it, you are either short F&F or you are a lie spreader working for shorts or the government itself. Putin style.

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