Friday, December 19, 2014

treasury buys Fannie mae for a 95% discount! So they claim!

Fannie mae enterprise value $3.14 trillion dollars as of 12/18/2014

So according to Real world comparisons, The US treasury bought a $3140 car for $117!!! And not only that they negotiated for the seller to pay them $16 a year for as long as the treasury owns the car!! 

Now does that sounds like something a sane person would agree to in the course of running a business, let alone selling the car. Dont forget in exchange for the $16 a year the buyer says, if need be, they will add an additional $100 to the original $117 and this is why they deserve the $16 payment. So again for a $3140 car the treasury would be willing to pay $217 total if it has too! Great deal for the seller of the car, HUH? I think not!!

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