Thursday, December 18, 2014

Shorts, short on the weekly crossover 5ema 10sma weekly chart

I just figured it out: Shorts, short on the weekly crossover 5ema 10sma weekly chart.

ema 5 sma 10 crossover on the weekly, look for shorts and you'll see they show up when the 5 crosses under the 10 on the weekly, they are gone just as quick when the 5 crosses over the 10!

I just noticed this as Gild had no shorts on this board 30 days ago. If you look at abbv you'll see not one short on the board there and it is dead. on fnma which has a lot of shorts that come and go, they show up when the 5 crosses below the 10 on the weekly.

Its like if you want to not deal with the shorts or know if your stock is a good buy, look at the weekly chart with ema 5 and sma 10 as your gauge of shorts, then look at the yahoo message board. I would suggest not buying until the 5 crosses above the 10, and would suggest selling when the 5 crosses below, all on the weekly. Also as soon as a strange amount of short posters start showing up on your usually dead board, Immediately look at the monthly 5 10 crossover and be warned they will be hanging around until the cross goes the other way. Remember as a short there is no reason to know what the heck your talking about, your tactic is to ride it down and create fear in the long term holders, they need to sell for your short to succeed and to cover in the end.

my 2 cents. take it or leave it.

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