Friday, December 12, 2014

New programs by WATT 3% down and affordable housing, F&F need capital!!

Dont you see the narrative? F&F need capital to deal with these new programs. 
There is only one way for that to happen! Recapitalize them with private money.
Let them loose to market. investors will come. Holding them captive will not bring investors.
Just look at the problem being created and the talk in congress, Fannie is needs to be capitalized to protect the taxpayer! Even some of the lesser informed congressman who suggest the money has not even been paid back, not one dime they say, know that is a lie. Did they not read a paper in the last 2 years on how all the big banks had lied and committed fraud against F&F? Did they not see the large sums that the FHFA accepted from the DOJ lawsuits against them as settlement money? over $100 billion was collected in suits against the banks!
Do the leaders on the hill not get a paper anymore? Do the leaders on the hill believe that a loan should be made and 100% of your pay be taken from you forever? DO the leaders on the hill still believe the proven false narrative that F&F were the cause? Were they not alive when PLS crashed and bear sterns needed to be bought by 
JP morgan before it went bankrupt? Do the leaders on the hill not realize that The PLS market was the problem? Do the leaders on the hill know that fannie and freddie have never made a mortgage loan and it is the BIG banks that check credit worthiness of borrowers and then sell their loans to Fannie after that? Do the leaders on the hill know that if the banks cover up the bad loans with false information F&F could not know they are being robbed? Do the leaders in congress have a clue of the facts of why treasury used so much money to help goldman sachs when it was known at the time GS was about to go bankrupt along with morgan stanly? Why are so many GS people working and have worked at treasury in recent years? Why did GS and MS get 100 cents on dollar but Aig and F&F got the blame and the lie? Time to tell truths, we dont want the lies anymore. 

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