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Waterstone ,UST created these warrants into derivative instruments TO RECAP BANKS AND USE FNF EQUITY AS COLLATERAL.

from TimHoward717 blog:

Waterstone is sure to be implicated in this mess. See the UST created these warrants into derivative instruments TO RECAP BANKS AND USE FNF EQUITY AS COLLATERAL. They could be used to sell short FNF stock and win in two ways.
1. Win on short stock going to zero.
2. still keep warrants EXECUTE THEM INTO COMMON SHARES OF BANKS and sell those in the open market after FNF common was destroyed.
It is a double win – however since unrecorded sales of shares have been proven IN FNF 100’s of millions of UN recorded shorts shares sit outstanding and if FNF are brought back.
the warrants will executed by the OTC MM’s to be used to offset losses of short shares on FNF they been printing to keep shares depressed. Those warrants converted into common shares of banks they are linked to would be sold into the market against all the bank stocks flooding billions in securities into bank stocks and the losses on top of those derivatives would also be needed to be covered and those would be based on the price of the common of the banks verses cover counterfeit shares of FNF.
MARKET MAKERS or other who used those tarp warrants to short FNF OR AIG stock WILL then take delivery of the common of the bank that warrant was tied to and sell it to off set the counterfeit shares sold against the TARP WARRANTS.
This was PAULSON who handed off the problem to OBAMA. So they needed to for sure sweep the money back and then hope to crush FNF. SELL OFF AND MAKE A FEW HUNDRED BILLION ON THE SELL OFF.
But here is how it could work out. The gov gets it fake 187 billion plus 10% interest takes a huge loss on the common stock of FNF going back up to fair value.
They get cut out of warrants due to takings and come out with min loss or gain. This ENTIER transaction would be a huge wash if they can not reel in counterfeit shares and can not get warrants BACK. THEY SHOULD BUY SHARES NOW!!!
So the Gov got fake money in and back only to potentially have theses warrants called by the OTC brokers if release happens and boom losses begin to mount at the UST without any body being able to say anything and the money would be covered by selling more treasury notes to the fed or overseas.
There is what most likely SWEENEY already knows. BERKO knows!!!
The SEC allowed these offerings so they must have been stupid???? You decide.
SEC also has one board seat on FNF via HERA.
part 2

Economic crash caused by MBS CRASH and economic slowdown globally.
Banks balance sheets were weakened by the MBS ISSUES and stock value losses due to stock market crash. Many held FNF common & Preferred as well other stocks.
GOV did stress tests to determine levels of capital needed. ( some needed more than others). To shore up US banks the UST stepped in with TARP (Troubled Asset Retirement Plan ) and Here is where the troubled started.
The largest banks including global governments held lots of MBS that were now not understood to be good or bad? So they assumed the worst and made them all bad!
So TARP was to infuse cash into banks but this was not really happening because where do you get 750 billion??? Well you don’t you print paper but that was not good for those who were going to buy the bonds for the UST to print 750 billion. They wanted collateral and BAM – FNF assets were in the BILLIONS and ripe for the pickings to steal. So a forced CONSERVATORSHIP was put in place. HERA was written and voted on in weeks and many holes were left in it.
FNF in short stolen from shareholders to back the TARP OFFERINGS to recap banks.
The UST offered TARP warrants to banks that needed capital and took those offerings public. Those offerings were not public but were still going on as public offerings. Money raised by UST buying warrants and common stock in banks were using tarp funds to put capital into banks. But the UST needed a risk off set if those banks went belly up they needed a derivative instrument and that was TARP warrants that were created in these offerings with capabilities to short stock with out having to deliver or record short stock in other companies. Those who bought bank common got these warrants as well and they came with juicy capabilities backed by the good old UST.
This is where you here testimony about some companies were chosen to be massive shorted to punish shareholders!!!! This is how they did it!
So for the sake to shorten this down:
FNF common & preferred stock were shorted using derivatives that were created to recapitalize banks balance sheets, so was AIG and others like ford, Chrysler, GM were pounded into the ground and also others to created the dow crash to 6800.
Then the same parties bought back the short stock back in and trillions were made ON THE SELL OFF and more trillions were made being long on the way up. Losses were those who sold verses held.
Why FNF? They got tons of assets they should never had gotten from banks so the very same banks who wanted to get rid of those MBS papers wanted them back after default rates were not as bad.
Since FNF were picked to be the problem these TARP warrants were never bought back in since political leaders had been paid to kill FNF. Thus why wind down and shutter talk for years. But then the way the financials had to be book to keep the company’s running caused huge exposure for the crime. When the shut down bills failed the exposure of the fraud was just to hard to cover up. BOOM 3 rd amendment. So we are stuck in a circle where some of the TARP funds are still at risk by the derivatives instruments used by shorts to create FNF counterfeit shares.
These are of unknown amounts but guess what!!!!! someone knows and knows when the lid is blown off the CONSERVATORSHIP huge losses will be incurred because to keep FNF shares depressed like they are now takes lots of fake shares.
To me you need to see an offering and then see between the lines who were allowed to buy into those offerings. If the financial world clearly understands thus the third amendment will be the least of the worries. Nobody will ever trust the UST ever again.
Very Interesting!!

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