Thursday, November 6, 2014

Maybe this is not clear. I will make it crystal clear.

Maybe this is not clear. I will make it crystal clear.

NO private capital will enter this kind of market where the govt can take 100% profit forever from you when ever it wants too.
along with all your money they control your corp.
NO ONE will invest and housing will not recover. Period.

NO ONE will look at fannie and say, I want what they got. I want FHFA regulation.
I want Hera and conservatorship that comes with it.
I want to lose all my money and be a scapegoat for the BANKS.
I want to be raped of my investment by the US govt under the Lie it is the taxpayers money.
Did you get your cut of the 30 plus billion extra uncle sam got from robbing fannie and freddie?
your cut would be $100 dollars so far for each of your family members
it would also be $20 dollars from this quarter alone to every american.
Did you get your check yet? its taxpayer money they tell you.

NO ONE will put their private money into FHFA hands and be told since its regulated they had no reason to believe they would profit or Not be raped. NO ONE

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