Thursday, November 6, 2014

Let me tell you why FNMA is being ripped off!!!!

Let me tell you why FNMA is being ripped off!!!!

FNMA made 3.9 billion in profit, under FHFA they will send it all to treasury.
under the old 10% dividend Fannie owed 117 billion to treasury, Now we all know this is paid back plus 20 billion, but lets assume that is was not.
10% per quarter would be 2.9 billion to treasury, fannie made 3.9 billion this quarter. This is a normalized quarter.
this leaves 1 billion dollars profit left. and with 1.2 billion shares out this is .83 cents a share this quarter.
now we all know the 80% warrants are not legal and not able to enact.
so this is 3.33 per year per share. at PE 12 this is 40.00 a share for fannie right now.
if you think the FHFA has the ability to take 80% of that then the value would be
$8 a share right now. this stock is depressed because of the FHFA action and is a TAKINGS
under the fifth amendment
Your govt is robbing its citizens and corporations.

This takes into account you believe that fannie has to still pay 10% on the full amount it has paid back already!!!!
without the 10%, this is $156 dollar stock right now. Today.
3.9 billion per quarter x 4 = 15.6 billion a year earnings x pe 12 = 187 billion / 1.2 billion shares = $156
$156 right now, per share at pe 12

In case you did not listen to the conference call, Fannie and Freddie have already moved the current system to a 90/10 workup as in corker warner/ johnson crapo.!! there is no need to write a new system that is working already under fannie and freddie. New system is same as old system? No need to legislate that!! 
oh the one fine point to crapo johnson is the 5 trillion goes to the national debt. LMAO. no chance. 
the 5 trillion will remain with F&F and this all ends soon. before Obama leaves office in 2 years.

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