Monday, November 17, 2014

If you want to see the ultimate manipulation

If you want to see the ultimate manipulation
its FNMA

There are 1.2 billion real shares out
with the govt TAKING there are 5.7 billion shares

with the govt Taking the value of Fannie Mae per market cap is 11.7 billion dollars.

Fannie just sent to treasury $4 billion in profits for 3rd Quarter.

Thats right, Fannie is sending its Market cap value to treasury every year. Actually more $12 billion.

This is a P/E of 1. If you bought all the fannie stock including the govt share for 11.7 billion
you would get all your money back in less than 1 year.

what if we add the pretend 117 billion to the equation? If you paid 129 billion for Fannie you would get
paid back in 10 years. or a PE of 10 even at the $2 per share it is now.

so for 129 billion you can own a 12 billion a year profitable company that would in a 20 year period
pay you back an additional 129 billion dollars on your initial investment. But within 10 years you would be in the money. Provided you could not come up with ways better than the FHFA to make a profit. Most could hire the right people to increase profits. Govt does not try to increase profits. Look at post office.

We all know the govt has been paid back well over the 117b it Loaned and then TOOK back even more.

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