Saturday, October 4, 2014

More Lamberth talk

This ruling took weeks to write. People knew this ruling was coming. LEAKED. but 1.90 is not bad if you were not selling anyway. The govt will pay me 20 to 60 a share because the liquidation preference is now less than the dividend. This means that if they liquidate. which they would have to do, they will have to make right the removal of the assets to produce a new FMIC or to pay dividend. This is what LAMBERTH said. At least the we can square it in liquidation part.
Point is you got a ticket to ride. your an owner in fannie mae. You cannot be wiped out without due process.
If your wiped out, you gonna invest in FMIC? who would if they can be wiped out?
read my blog: The real 2008 explanation and today’s world, You may find what your missing in this game the govt is playing.
The dems pulled the nuke option to put Watt in as FHFA regulator. why?
because if obama is out in two years , they will not transfer F&F back to a republican president.
Thats it.
$1.90 I dont care. $20 i care. $60 I care a lot.
do you believe that the govt will put 6 trillion more on the debt?
do you think the govt will wipe out investors, and then turn and say you want to invest in FMIC?
do you think the govt will be willing to charge the extra 2% finance in interest rate hikes to keep the bond market running under FMIC?
do you think the extra 2% on mortgages will produce robust housing?
do you think the 30 year loan being gone is going to stimulate growth in housing?
do you think that 5 year arms and renting is the future for america?
do you think voters would like any of the above?
do you think an investor in bonds wants a 10% haircut?
do you think an investor in the FMIC system wants to be wiped out at any moment?
do you think any of this will come true?
These are all more important than Lamberths ruling.

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