Friday, October 10, 2014

Financial Crisis Bailouts: What Did They Actually Cost Taxpayers?

Financial Crisis Bailouts: What Did They Actually Cost Taxpayers?

the 3 billion at the end of article was probably 500 billion with net profit of 46.2 billion in profit to US taxpayers. Look for the check in the mail for your portion. I doubt it will come. Wonder why they say they are doing it for the taxpayers benefit when its easy to see the govt is using the money for political slush funds and for $500 toilet seats. $1500 dollars to each person in the USA for this bailout or 500 billion to YOUR bank. Dont forget the DEBT of america is about 16 trillion or $45,500 dollars to each person in USA, including kids and retired people. Everyone needs to pay at least $3000 a year each just on the interest on that DEBT, yes kids and retired people too. House of cards.


  1. FYI, the $600 toilet seat is largely a myth.

    President Ronald Reagan held a televised news conference in 1987, where he held up one of these shrouds and stated: "We didn't buy any $600 toilet seat. We bought a $600 molded plastic cover for the entire toilet system." A Pentagon spokesman, Glenn Flood stated, "The original price we were charged was $640, not just for a toilet seat, but for the large molded plastic assembly covering the entire seat, tank and full toilet assembly. The seat itself cost $9 and some cents.… The supplier charged too much, and we had the amount corrected."[6] The president of Lockheed at the time, Lawrence Kitchen, adjusted the price to $100 each and returned $29,165. "This action is intended to put to rest an artificial issue," Kitchen stated.

  2. and the debt whines are kinda silly, too.
    we've very rarely run a surplus, and even then the debt didn't decrease.
    as far as I know, we've never even paid off our WW1 and WW2 debts.
    but if you do want to blame someone for the debt, more than 90% was signed into law by (R) presidents.


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