Sunday, October 5, 2014

2006, Fannie and Freddie insured 24% of all subprime loans

I found this interesting too:

In 2006, Fannie and Freddie insured 24% of all subprime loans so they needed to keep these loans viable

If fannie and freddie insured 24% then AIG or the BANKS or bearsterns held the other 76%. These are the same BANKS that Crapo-johnson want to have YOUR mortgage market and your financial future. 
PLS, private loan securities, all went bankrupt when 2008 came. PLS is your true enemy. PLS and the banks did America the worst of all of the crisis and these politicians think we the people are not smart enough to see through the lies. The banks these politicians all roll in bed with are trying to get your mortgage market for themselves with the full backing of the US when it fails. If history is a good sign of when that is then 1992 was the S&L crisis, 2008 was YOUR BANKS, The future says about 20 years before the next blow up. Only 13 years left on that ticking time bomb and the BANKS want to make money off you and I before they get the next bailout. 

Its time to point the finger at the banks and quit the lie of Fannie and Freddie caused this or were somehow responsible. Fannie and Freddie never once wrote one of those loans. The banks write the loans and then try to sell them off immediately to avoid the collapse that happened in 2007. 

Know the enemy of your financial future.

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