Monday, September 15, 2014

The ‘Entire Fairness’ Solution To Fannie Mae Shareholder------

The ‘Entire Fairness’ Solution To Fannie Mae Shareholder------
According to your article, the US government does not need to follow the constitution and needs not follow the LAW that they create? It seems that you are not informed as the government owns 0% of Fannie mae and is taking 100% of all profits! does that seem American? We all acknowledge that the Banks have all settled with FHFA on behalf of Fannie mae to pay back 10 cents on the dollar for over 200 billion in fraud committed by banks upon Fannie mae! Remember boa's HUSTLE program? Understand when you write articles like this, you are further proving the Govt can and will do to any corporation what it wants. You write the federal charter has something to do with the bailout of fannie mae, but this is not true. citigroup was bailed out with more money committed than fannie, same goes for bank of america and many others. You forget the bailouts of Aig and JPM chase. Why were Fannie and Freddie take into conservatorship? Ill tell you why. The US TREASURY needed a bad bank scenario to dump all the toxic assets in the system into one place, Then drive that place into the ground. That is what the plan was with Fannie!! By doing this the US TREASURY could save the banks. Fannie did not need saving and was taken over to save the banks from their own underwriting that was abysmal and full of Fraud.

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  1. Blaming Fannie and Freddie for the housing crisis is now proved to be wrong. They are the victims. Bad mortgages were dumped to them by banks and financial institutions. In fact, they helped to provide liquidity and ensure low mortgage rates to millions of US households for many years. Now, they are back in business and work well again. It is probably the most cost efficient model.

    Replacing Fannie & Freddie, to me, is an attempt to kick them out and eat their lunch, now that they are the most profitable organizations in the business world.


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