Monday, September 15, 2014

Fannie mae is worth $20 a share right now, more like $100

Fannie mae is worth $20 a share right now if govt has been paid back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

do you think the govt has been paid back the loan?
or do you think the govt is still due unlimited profit? even after the dividend exceeds the loan with interest ?

did the govt injecting money into fannie save the country? or did fannie itself save the country? because without MY company the Treasury money alone would save nothing, It took MY company and the employees and infrastructure of fannie to save this country from? THE BANKS.
I want to make another point, the big money is suing for this point im making. They are not suing hoping fannie stays around. It is not important to their investment. its like icing on the cake, but not important. They went to the lawyers to see if they could seek a legal remedy to the sweep, not to stop it but to show it paid back the govt. giving intant value to the company of 117 billion dollars in shareholder value. once the 117 is removed from the liability list, the value of fannie becomes 117 B in shareholder value instantly. Shuttered or not make no difference. $101 a share to commons is the prize of the sweep being rejected.
This is a liability on the financial statement:

Fannie Mae stockholders’ equity:

Senior preferred stock, 1,000,000 shares issued and outstanding


Everyone who is suing is trying to get that number removed and seen as PAID BACK! If successful the Common is worth $100 a share that minute. close the company and that remains the same. 
fannies assets are worth more than there liability on that day. 

this is shareholder value. that number should have been shrinking from our payments and our company should have been showing larger asset to liability increases, thus producing a larger stock price to us. 
the 117 b has never shrunk therefor suppressing our value per share.
by the way the $20 is with the govt cashing in their illegal warrants the took. without that its $100 a share. 
also, thats with Fannie being SHUTTERED TOO. No matter really to value to common. This is why the sweep is so important to determine if it was legal, if not common is worth TONS. immediately!
you ask how much? I say $100 a share on the date the court says the govt has been repaid already.
The value Im showing is profits dont matter really anymore, shutter them, doesnt matter either. what matters is the govt 117 billion in liability coming off the financial statement. 
when that happens the stockholder equity becomes 117 billion. or $101 a share.

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