Monday, March 10, 2014

the true projection of the office of management and budget, stolen from F&F= 1/2 TRILLION

the true projection of the office of management and budget, stolen from F&F= 1/2 TRILLION

in one years time the Office of Management and Budget, calculated a 128 billion dollar increase in F&F payments to the govt!! 
they were off by 10 billion a month! just 1 year ago. WOW.

If I recall the year prior they calculated a loss in 10 years on F&F of 50 billion.

This is how our govt is run!! they were off from 51 billion to 179 billion in one year calculation. That is incredible. These are billions of dollars. Not a few hundred. Quit the lies and cover-up, F&F has paid back the govt!! Set them free from the slavery the govt has put on them. 
Long live the 30 yr mortgage and Fannie and Freddie

Ill project it for them too: F&F will make 6 billion a quarter each. 
this amounts to 48 billion a year in stolen profits from shareholders.
over ten years it will be 480 billion dollars stolen from shareholders.

OUR govt plans on stealing 1/2 of a trillion dollars from Fannie and Freddie under the Disguise of Conservator. What a lie and this is why the govt and the FHFA will lose the court battle. If they dont lose, there is something fundamentally wrong with our constitution and the 2014 govt that we have evolved into. Vote Independent until all these guys are gone and real people hold their posts. Slavery and Fraud are illegal and are being perpetrated by the US govt against F&F.

The govt would have us believe they were not aware of the 100 billion in DTA that F&F had on their statements for payback. The FHFA and treasury pretend to not have known this 100 billion was there? LIE.
The FHFA knew and the treasury knew as the two of them made them take the FAKE loss in 2008 when they took them over! That is where the DTA money came from. It did not magically appear. The loss was made to appear as if Fannie needed a bailout, but the DTA proves it did not. All a lie on the american people.

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