Saturday, March 8, 2014

Fannie is a public corporation. Not a government Entity.

Fannie is a public corporation. Not a government Entity.

You dont trade shares in the post office. The courts repeatedly confirm that fannie is a private shareholder owned corp. In no circumstance has any corporation I've ever seen or heard of had 1 investor that owned 80% of the corporation sweep 100% of the profits into the 1 investors account! have you? It would stand to reason that if the govt holds 79.9% of the shares, they could at most sweep 79.9% since they do not have rights to the other 20.1%, we do. And what other company has a LOAN shark borrow unneeded money to them and force them into slavery forever? 

The govt warrants are garbage now that they have been paid in full! No matter what their contract says, it is illegal and the courts will decide in favor of plantiff. The board of directors will all be tossed for their inability to Face this illegal action for what it is. Fannie was not insolvent and the treasury orchestrated the whole thing making it self dealing and Illegal. FHFA is the only one with the power. If the FHFA was directed to give 100% of the profits to the treasury, THEN ITS ILLEGAL and the COURT WOULD HAVE JURISDICTION. So says the JUDGE.

GSE simply means the govt sponsored their federal charter. VS a state charter for corporation. 
A federal corporation is the same as a state one. No difference. The govt does not own GSE's. 
The govt cant slap them around and enslave them because they sponsored their federal charter. 
Its all a sham, THE USA has laws and the best lawyers are on our team. Not the govt lawyers. take a look at the govt lawyers submissions in court filings, they look like dopes compared to the plaintiff and the truth.

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