Saturday, March 22, 2014

Corker Warner 2

Corker Warner 2, 

I think someone should slap these senators for just being stupid. Tim Johnson is retiring at end of 2014 and he does not care if fannie or freddie are treated fair, he just wants a big new law with his name on it. Legacy. As for Capro he is a republican and he does want F&F shut down. He wants to create an EVEN bigger government MORTGAGE backing and support it with the FULL USA pocket book. So instead of offering a catastrophic insurance and having fannie and freddie recapitalize, they want to put 5 trillion on the U.S. budget. If that is not enough, they want to make it harder to regulate the Interest rates that banks can and will charge for the added protection from the U.S. govt 90% backstop to the BANKS that were Too Big to Fail. How quick everyone forgets about the bailouts that the banks got that made F&F bailout look cheap. 
How quick everyone forgets how the banks all pony up to the lawsuits for fraud and pay 10 cents on the dollar to get out of those lawsuits. How quick these senators want everyone to forget that F&F did not write a single mortgage and how they saved the USA from collapse. Well this blogger has not forgot, and would like to tell these senators they are wrong and adding 25% more debt to the nation by TAKING what does not belong to them, is breaking the constitution and is selling the lower and middle class down the river for the TBTF banks that we all dislike and distrust. We are all fully aware the private money they want back in the system is the banks money and that is not going to happen under corker warner 2. No one wants a government takeover of their bank in 5 years when fannie and freddie are gone and no longer here to save america the next time. 

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