Sunday, February 23, 2014

The govt made them take the huge LOSS in 2008

truth is fannie has been running profitable for 2 of 5 years. The govt made them take the huge LOSS in 2008

in 2008 when FHFA took over fannie booked huge loss. This was not a real loss, it was a booked loss. The real amount that fannie needed was 116 bill minus 58 billion minus 10% on 116 billion for 4 years=30 billion interst.
grand total of real loss by fannie was.......
28 billion dollars. YES thats right folks. fannie needed 28 billion dollars from 2008-2011. after that they were profitable.
NOW.... this is with the banks defrauding them to the tune of 200 plus billion dollars from 2006-2009.
yes 2009. after the conservatorship the banks continued to send JUNK mortgages to fannie.
Not the kind that you could tell were junk, but the kind full of lies in the paperwork that were JUNK. this is also known as FRAUD.

fannie needed 28 billion loan, not conservatorship, until the banks paid for their FRAUD.

No matter what We know about the conservatorship, 

the world thinks money is paid back

the truth is most people dont know details, they only know the money is paid back.

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