Friday, February 21, 2014

Taxpayers Made Whole

Fannie Mae Bailout Return: $84 Billion Profit in 2013 — Taxpayers Made Whole

Fannie has now paid 5 billion more than it got, with 10% interest. 
Fannie has a LP of 116 billion and has paid 121 billion. 5 billion more. 
The Lp contains 10% interest on the money borrowed for 4 of 5 years. 
Fannie actually only received about 85 billion from treasury, so in REALITY Fannie paid 36 billion more than they received giving almost a 50% return over 5 years to treasury on taxpayer investment.

GM did not pay back the money it got, Fannie has paid 150% almost of its money. Get real reporting and see the govt for what it is now, a LOAN SHARK.  

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