Friday, February 7, 2014

Risk sharing is in fashion

Freddie Mac Sells $1 Billion of Securities Sharing Default Risks
Both fannie and freddie are increasing the offering for risk sharing. This is the fix. If all bonds are risk sharing then both fannie and freddie will no longer need the govt backing. Keep the faith and see that both F&F are the future and NOT the banks that caused this mess in the first place.


From another article:

Risk Sharing
A small boost for the private securitization market is coming from government-sponsored enterprises themselves. The GSEs have committed to doing more risk-sharing bonds in 2014, securities created by the GSEs and sold into the private market. The GSEs have made three such offerings, two by Fannie Mae and one by Freddie Mac.
"The GSE risk-sharing transactions have had huge popularity," said Mahdavian.
The Mortgage Bankers Association has been actively pushing a proposal to enable even more risk sharing with GSEs at loan origination, by a borrower "getting private mortgage insurance, covering the first 50% or 60% of the loan (or potential loss)," said Stevens. "This would shift the risk away from the taxpayer and more to the private insurance business" and private sector.
Stevens says loans, under this proposed program, likely would be competitive or potentially cheaper than today's mortgages.
That's because although borrowers would buy more mortgage insurance, the GSEs could lower their guarantee fees because they'd be exposed to less risk.

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