Monday, January 20, 2014

You all are aware that we paid 10% interest back on 4 out 5 years

You all are aware that we paid 10% interest back on 4 out 5 years

the 10% dividend is paid on the initial investment. NO ONE borrowed us free money. these two paid 10% interest 4 out 5 years. the big banks durring this time borrowed 750 billion at 0% interest. make sure you understand the truth. fannie never borrowed 117 billion. that number is with 10% interest PAID

the only chance we may have is the courts. in the court these two may get a chance to not be the govt piggy bank. the fhfa has definitively not held up its duty to protect the company when it agreed to give away all but 3 billion of its income to the treasury. this is robbery at its finest, brought to you by the treasury and fhfa. both from one govt. OURS. Where is the checks and balances on these two branches of the executive branch?

as they borrowed from the treasury they had to pay back that plus 10% dividend. when they could not pay the "interest" and principal, they borrowed the whole amount from the treasury and that added to the amount they now call liquidation preference. there is interest of 10% in that number. or dividend of 10%, either way more money will be paid than was supplied to the two F&F. those are the FACTS

will the reporters write it this way, F&F received 140 billion and paid 188 billion? I bet the lawyers are well aware of this fact. why does no one in the news talk about it in public. isnt this what the first amendment is for ? to tell the facts to the people? or has politicians got all the major writers on the payroll.

at the time F&F paid 10%, all the big banks got 0% interest on 750Billion in loans from the same treasury.

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