Monday, January 20, 2014

up at least 20% either next week or the week after.

Jan 18, 2014 1:40 PM

up at least 20% either next week or the week after.

we may be up at least 20% in two weeks. more than likely gonna be up 50% in a month. Id even say 100% by next sec yearly/quarterly event. Im looking for 6 after they pay back 10billion more than they got. Im looking for 6 when discovery starts in court cases. Im looking for 6 when johnson capro come out with regulate and No shutter of fannie. Im looking for 6 by end of march. Heck ill take 9 by then. this is trading at 1/20th of its value with govt warrants out there. this is trading at 1/100 without them. lets face it, short interest is falling on this stock, you can find the article last week on it, and this is the most profitable companies in the world. NOT just the US, the truth is these are money machines and the govt will have to find a way to get themselves a piece of this pie and keep the backstop. they will change the rules for them, AKA regulate, but they will in end follow the money and do what they know they will have to do. and that is keep the FIXED system since 2008 working. simple people, TRUTH and Facts are what is happening. the govt said fannie would not pay back till 20 years, they said that last feb. Instead the govt got paid back in 1 year. they were off by 19 years. seems impossible but true. they work in a manner of necessity , and killing fannie and freddie is not a necessity. making sure this does not happen in future is. and it starts with risk sharing and banks being held responsible for their actions on the mortgages they write up. REGULATE and PENALIZE before a crisis.

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