Monday, January 20, 2014

this is the dem's plan NOW!!

Winding Down Fannie and Freddie

The Director of the FHFA will oversee the discontinuance of the Enterprises’ ability to issue, guarantee, or purchase any mortgage-backed securities.
After the Ginnie Mae platform is established, the Enterprises will operate as one of the several anticipated monoline insurers and one of the several anticipated private reinsurers for a five year period.
By the end of the five year period, the FHFA Director will ensure that the total market share of mortgage-backed securities insured by the Enterprises in either of these capacities will not exceed 30 percent of the total market share.
Small Lender Access

Fannie and Freddie may remain as aggregators of mortgage loans for smaller entities such as credit unions and community banks that do not have the sufficient volume to pool and create these new securities with their mortgage loans alone

FIND your truth here:

the idea is new entities would POP up. and take on new shares of market. I dont see this, banks are more profitable now than ever and they dont do mortgages hardly. other than conforming. those are sold to fannie and freddie. So why get involved with the TAKE OVER govt? they wont!!

THIS IS SIGNIFICANT because 3 dems feel this way. they might as well speak for all dems. THis is the way the party feels. Warner knows this is the way it has to be. THIS PLAN FREES F&F from conservatorship and also does not ask for payback of twice the borrowed money, it also does not ask for anything from fannie or freddie. THIS IS GOOD FOR F&F. even though bill is DEAD already!

Ginnie Mae and the private reinsurers will receive the same terms and the same price for the risk that they share.

as you can see the govt wants to share in the fees. AGAIN this is a win for FAnnie.

they no longer want pay back either. they will set these Free. they do not talk about selling them!!!!!!!!!

as you can see. FANNIE AND FREDDIE LIVE ON! they do not get SOLD!.. wind down MBS is good for fannie, they are doing that now. MBS is garbage. thats not where they make their money today anyway.


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