Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Should you stay in Fannie or Run?

No news? We have had an accumulation of good news, including the hater, Corker, admitting that we shareholders will not be left out in the cold, that our rights must be addressed. Others in Congress have said the same thing. As for the wind down proposals, there were dozens of those since conservatorship began, and all were dead on arrival. Fannie and Freddie are here to stay. Just listen to Obama's Zillow interview. He still wants them around, just reformed (he said reform twice) and possibly reduced in size to pre-crisis levels (which would make this a $60+ stock, instead of a $200+ stock.) That interview was made before all the recent waves of Fannie and Freddie exoneration, and before we were at the verge of Net Zero debt to Treasury. The situation for us just keeps getting better. Even the latest wind down proposal, if implemented, would leave this roughly a $60 stock. Probably will not be implemented. We are golden. No news? More like people not paying attention!


The Banks committed FRAUD agains fannie and freddie to the tune of 400 BILLION dollars. FACT.
FRAUD is a crime. A crime that the FHFA made them pay 10 cents on the dollar to get out of.
I want the other 90 cents or 360 Billion dollars that they should of paid to fannie and freddie, and I want the politicians to say it was the BANKS fault fannie even needed a dime!!!! but that may be just me wanting the TRUTH to be told with the FACTS. 

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