Monday, January 20, 2014



google it:
NAACP Calls For Housing Finance Policies That Increase Homeownership.

Obama and Watt? where will they stand? according to NAACP obama is against CORKER WARNER.

Google: NAACP Praises Obama for Not Endorsing Corker-Warner GSE Bill

NAACP is strongly pro-Fannie. They know that if the FnF's are dismantled that entry-level home loans will dry up unless you have a minimum of 20% down and perfect credit. The banks won't back long term loans and you'll only be able to get 5 year ARM' would cripple the housing industry

Some people seem to be worried that Watt will put us back on the road of 2008 creating risky loans again. Since the banks have been required to eat the last bad loans I seriously doubt they will go down that road again. So I as a long time holder of Fannie am not worried about that happening again.

Watt is closely aligned with the National Black Caucus and the NAACP. The NAACP has thanked Obama for not endorsing the Corker bill and for being supportive of F&F's mission and continued existence. The media fooled a lot of people with their misquotes!

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