Tuesday, January 21, 2014

my response to WARNER

Warner: We’re overdue for housing finance reform…

Warner writes an article of the name above. the comments are very good to him.
by Mark R. Warner 

My response to his post:

The housing crisis, as proven by FHFA settlements with banks, was caused by BANK FRAUD upon Fannie and Freddie. Anyone looking for the truth knows the guilty party pays. And the Banks are the ones paying to FANNIE and Freddie. The Banks Defrauded these two pillars of the american mortgage system since FDR to the tune of over 400 Billion dollars. The FHFA has allowed the BANKS to pay 10 cents on the dollar for their FRAUD. the true crime is the 360 billion that is still owed to FANNIE and FREDDIE by the banks and owed to the TAXPAYERS. FANNIE AND FREDDIE are and were the VICTIMS. 
THESE are the FACTS and there is the TRUTH.

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