Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Miller: Warner’s way is not the way to fix Fannie and Freddie

Miller: Warner’s way is not the way to fix Fannie and Freddie


"Once on government
life support, the two GSEs have become spectacularly profitable and valuable."

The article is an indictment on Corker - Warner. Further it calls the direction of Senator Warner into question. The author also implies that there are inconsistencies in Warner's approach in comparisons to past positions on other subjects that he has taken which the author deemed sound.... Yet many mistruths and misrepresentations leading to false conclusions already pointed out on the board... ie The Bankruptcy lie. The shareholders were wiped out lie. (Commons are still trading) Implying that it was F&F Fault. The government owns 79..9% lie.... False, hasty conclusion such as the GSE's should be adjudicated going forward in a Bankruptcy fashion.

"it would put taxpayers on the hook for at least $5 billion in GSE liabilities." This must be a typo or just simply uninformed opinion predicated on lack of effort at due diligence. Try no less then $150 Billion at 10%

The author is likely a Democrat with political involvement ( calling into question the actions of a fellow Democrat...So this is a good sign that even so far to silent and ignorant Politicians in the Democrat camp are beginning to wake up and perhaps are embarking on a journey in search of the facts...This author might be invested in Preferreds and might be looking for a $25 par for roughly a 250% profit at today's price, perhaps more if a purchase was made prior to today.

Agree with radcliffff that the threshold of truth for reporting in America is very low. The standard for truth in this article is almost imperceptible against fabrication and fiction likely born of political agenda and perhaps even self profit ie possibly investing in Preferreds while attempting to influence for a Bankruptcy style adjudication of the GSEs. Presumably the authors definition of recoveries that "provide for a process that maximize[d] value for the economy and all stakeholders, including the U.S. government" would not include Commons and leave more for Preferreds.

"Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."

If the Truth shall set you free then does engaging in half truths set FNMA Free? Does slanting the facts preserve the Rule of Law, which the the author cites,,,or does such practice in the attempt at the art of manipulating Public Opinion merrily place "The Rule Of Law" upon a slippery slope to the otherwise Looming Great and Final American Bankruptcy?

At least it canbe saidthat the stone Wall of monolithic false assertions underlying Corker - Warner are beginning to Publicly crumble.

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