Monday, January 20, 2014

If everyone thoroughly understood the Constitution.

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If everyone thoroughly understood the Constitution,

including the Takings Clause, as well as Tort Law, business law against self dealing, the incredible benefit of having Fannie and Freddie around, their businesses and their earnings, the difference between conservatorship and receivership/bankruptcy, the ongoing process of exoneration of F&F, the new book (Mortgage Wars,) the guilt the fraudster big banks and the government have in creating the crisis, and the lawsuits brought by the best legal talent we could hope for, this would be $50 already. It only takes time. Just wait for those dividends to resume. 

Review the case history of the S&L Crisis. Also the Takings Clause cases.

the fact that this stock remains undiluted, with fewer than 1.2 billion shares. See the 10-Q for proof. Treasury cannot lefitimately exercise those warrants, for the reasons I have repeatedly enumerated.

I'm really anxious for the first suit to reach the courtroom because it won't take long to rule that there has been an illegal seizure of both Fannie and Freddie and that the owners (shareholders) have been extensively damaged. When that time comes, under NO circumstances, excuse the government for violating your Constitutional rights!

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