Monday, January 20, 2014

Fannie explanation of movement

Fannie explanation of movement PPS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HERE is what i see.
sept 12 fannie was at 1.00 it then moved up 25% give or take, to 1.25 ish
then to 1.60 ish 25%, then to 2.30 ish 25%, then to 2.70 ish 25%, now to 3.10 ish 25%.
in other words its a continuation pattern of accumulation. and resistance. each time it stays at a level for
5 or 8 days. it a resistance built. I think we are about to build another one now at 3.10 ish. this will be day two.
point is every 2 weeks we build hard resistance and we go up 25%. there is your move. if this trend holds. we goto 4 bucks in two weeks and 5 bucks in a month. there is your trend.there is you explanation. there is your positive resistance for when this moves up. building new level now.

I'm the biggest believer out there in these two stocks. But, is there something up??? Obviously the run up is due to some people with big cash buying in....they must know something we don't.. I bet a big press release is coming soon. This run up is not caused by Joe average investor or even day traders, its big money pouring in chunks at a time. That's how they do it on the street. Or is this another pump and dump scheme about to happen??

I have been following all morning and have to say your post wins the prize for the best. I might also add ( without starting a new thread ) that the MM caught us all off guard today. Most were predicting a 20-30 cent rise today but really after 3-4 days of gains we should have known the MM would do this. Like clockwork the price goes up in the first hour then around 10:30 am the big tank. Happens every single time like this yet most of us missed it. With that said being down 7 cents is not too bad overall since we are now officially in the 3's. 

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