Monday, January 20, 2014

DON'T KILL FANNIE AND FREDDIE!! A new article.....

DON'T KILL FANNIE AND FREDDIE!! A new article.....

Just released at 6 pm tonight. Check it out and buckle your seat belt a remain in a upright position! Have a stella, be patient and smile!

I like this paragraph! "Last year, in a breathtaking display of greed, the Treasury and the FHFA changed the terms of the original agreement that accompanied the 2008 bailout, which gave the Treasury 79.9 percent of the GSEs’ stock and required a rich 10 percent annual dividend payout. "

Wait until people see that abolishing the 2 entities will increase home loans by 900-$1000 annually all while adding 5 trillion to the debt, lol..... I knew it was all smoke. This is only the beginning. Wait until people start seeing these articles and looking at the stock charts... Many many investors will want a piece of our stock! 

Tomorrow should mirror today, imo. This was a hard hitting article, ( the first of many) I think we gap open.

Best article since C-ship. When we achieve net zero (maybe in two weeks or in Q4), watch out. There will be a huge outcry to save F&F. The closer we get to net zero, expect more articles like this. Also expect CNBC and Bloomberg to start pumping F&F when net zero is reached. Waiting for positive outcome from lawsuits, relisting on NYSE, net zero. This is exciting time to be in F&F. All aboard!!!

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