Monday, January 20, 2014

did the gov.'t buy 79.9% of FNMA for $117B?

this is interesting logic. you'd have to use 85 billion as the buy of 80% so this leaves 17billion for the remaining 20% or 16 a share. In distressed times. Unfortunate for for them is they are not buying the distressed company from us in 2008, this is 2014. and fannie is STRONG. If they bought us back then they could of maybe just paid out 9 billion or $7 a share. the price the day before conservatorship. BUT that was years ago, my shares 20% are worth more now, because fannie is not a BAD BANK anymore as it was in 2008, and they are DUE 400 BILLION from the banks, AND the FHFA is settling for 10% of that. that does not mean that FANNIE would of settled for that!!!! seems the real number is at least 360 billion for my 20% since the govt took 40 billion for their 80%. thats what made them happy on their return, NOT ME. so pay me my $350 a share for the loss from the banks to my company. thats a fair valuation

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