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Derivative Lawsuit by Bryndon Fisher

aroadrock  Dec 27, 2013 5:46 AM Flag

Derivative Lawsuit by Bryndon Fisher

This lawsuit is a derivative action, which means the plaintiffs are suing ON BEHALF OF FNMA (and Freddie?)
The lawsuits by Perry, Fairholme and others are private suits, where those plaintiffs will win their prayer for their own benefit (and those of their clients), whereas in the derivative suit (Fisher) the award will go to FNMA, the corporation and will add value to the corporation (as long as Treasury doesn't somehow try to take that too), and injunctive relief may be in the derivative suit, as well, although i haven't checked the filing for that....
but the point is that the derivative suit (Fisher) is the most important lawsuit that would unequivocally benefit all shareholders....that is what you want...awards to the private suits will, however, serve to exonerate FNMA and FMCC from fault in the larger scheme, thus indirectly benefit us....all this offered with the best of my knowledge, which is most likely incomplete and possibly inaccurate...for what it's worth 

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