Monday, January 27, 2014

Comment today

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Comment today

1. FnF have strong support from the left and the right. I researched background of some authors and lobbyists.
2. The legal arguments for FnF only grow stronger.
3. No one predict a reform bill before 2017. The court will likely has a favorable decision June 2014.
4. I worked in the mortgage finance industry for 5 years. I know it would be risky and expensive to reinvent the wheel or invent a new wheel. FnF are not Bear Stern, not Long Term Capital. They are the SYSTEM of mortgage finance.

Some peoples can day trade the two stocks profitably. But when they explode, my broker will not be fast enough to execute my buy order. So I just hold my shares patiently till that day arrives.


Qi, i agreed very much.... u can tell there is no such hearing at all for this month or coming months.. they were loud last Q4 but after hearing the experts said, things have changed a lot.. it just matter time
Recently 33 senators wanted FnF to go back supporting low income... it just nail it to coffin that these 2 are no longer going anyway.... 

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